You can book general and platform tickets sitting at home: Earlier tickets were booked only within 20KM radius from the boarding station, know the complete process.

Passengers can now book general travel tickets and platform tickets from anywhere through the UTS On mobile app. Earlier, passengers could book unreserved and platform tickets only for trains running from stations falling within a radius of 20 Km from their mobile location. Recently, for the convenience of passengers, Railways has removed the outer limit (geo-fencing distance) of ticket booking, so that tickets for any station in India can be booked from anywhere. However, no change has been made in the internal boundary of geo fencing. That means people can book tickets only from outside the station. In such a situation, let us know about the process of booking platform ticket and unreserved travel ticket through UTS app… How to book platform ticket through UTS app? How to book unreserved travel ticket through UTS app? First of all, download and install the UTS app on your smartphone and create an account as described earlier. If an account is already created, you can login by entering your mobile number and password. You can login by choosing OTP option instead of password. Passengers traveling on the same route can also book season tickets through the UTS app. For this, after choosing the season ticket option, choose ‘Book and Travel’ paperless ticket option. You can book tickets monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.

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