Video: Vanraj Shah reached America, taunted Anupama on seeing him, then heard that viral ‘Aapko kya’ dialogue

Anupama is trying hard to move away from her past life in America but unfortunately she cannot do so because people from her past keep coming back into her life. In the latest episode you will see that Anu once again meets Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey). When he reaches America to get Shah’s signature to renovate the house. When Vanraj reaches USA, he taunts Anu over her friendship with Yashdeep Dhillon. Anupama could not tolerate this taunt from her ex-husband and scolded him for not interfering in her personal life. Anu once again spoke her ‘Aapko Kya’ dialogue and fans were thrilled to see the American version of ‘Aapko Kya’.

In today’s episode, Anu and Vanraj will come face to face and they will get into a heated argument but Anu goes ahead and refuses to have any conversation with her ex-husband. It will be interesting to see whether Vanraj and Anuj will also come face to face. But Anu’s life is the same in America.

Anupama will move away from Anuj

Anupama’s younger sister Aadhya does not want her father Anuj to go back to Anupama, hence she wants at all costs that Anuj and Shruti get married as soon as possible. Whereas Anuj is unable to forget Anu and somehow or the other he ends up coming in front of her.

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